by DeLonn Rance (1994)

In 1993 we began making plans to participate in a retreat that was to be held in Miami, Florida the following year. When we told our Children their excitement as unrestrained. You can probably guess their first question. Correct, "Daddy, are we going to Disney World?" Day after day, week after week as I would put them to bed it was the same question, "Are we going to get to go to Disney World?"
I told them over and over, "No, I don't think so. We just don't have he money.  It's too expense. I don't think we'll be able to go. You know we're poor, missionaries just don't have money for things like that." You can imagine the looks I received and the whines I heard. Night after night, the same story. Exasperated, I said, "If you want to go to Disney World pray about it. Ask God to provide the money." And pray they did. The most earnest and intense prayers I had ever heard them utter. Their night prayers ended with, "...and Jesus, give us the money so that we can go to Disney World. Amen."
As the date for our departure approach, I became more and more uncomfortable. Something so insignificant as a visit to Disney World was taking on a mammoth spiritual significance to my children. Since it didn't cost any more, we went ahead and made flight reservations which included time for a trip to Orlando, thinking we could change them if nothing developed.
Two weeks before the departure date, I was at the office thinking I should change our flight schedule. I was trying to come up with a way to explain my failure to my children so they wouldn't blame God for not letting them see Mickey Mouse, when the phone rang.
Valerie had just received a phone call from one of our friends in the States. Two weeks prior to his call he had been impressed of the Lord to send us a check for $500.00 specifically for us to go to Disney World. He and his family had planned to go to Disney World during the holidays, but his business had been down. If he sent us the money, they would be unable to go. He sat down with his own children an asked them if they would be willing to give up their trip so that LaDawn, Jorel, and Shayla could go. They had all agreed to send the money. He was just calling to let us know that during the two weeks following the writing of the check, the business had turned around and they too were going to Disney World.
You can imagine the squeals of joy that erupted from our children when they heard the news. I must confess that my own heart did a somersault or two. For you see, as paradoxical as it may sound, because of God's faithfulness my children entered the "Magic Kingdom" in November 1994.
It is God who answers prayer; He is faithful to his promises. He promised that a Son of Man would be born who would usher in the Kingdom of God who would destroy the power of Satan, sin and death, and who would reconcile man unto himself. Though we await the coming of his Kingdom in his fullness, we have hope and faith because he has demonstrated time and time again, in the significant and the seemingly insignificant, that he is faithful to his promises.