by Valerie Rance (1989)

The other day I was reading a magazine and I came across an ad for Timex watches.  The ad showed a dog that the owners thought had been killed which they buried.  But the dog was not dead and it dug itself up and was at the door the next day.  The caption said "They take a lick'n and keep on tick'n."  When I saw this ad I thought of our Speed-The-Light car in El Salvador.  It is a white,four-wheel drive, Mitsubishi jeep.  I could envision a picture of our car with the same caption "It takes a lick'n and keeps on tick'n!"
Living in a country at war can put a car through many adventures.  The second day we had the car we were driving down a street.  It was a four-lane street but because cars were parked illegally one of the lanes was blocked.  There was a car behind us that wanted to get by.  When there was a break in the parked cars the driver would turn into the other lane and try to get by us.  After three unsuccessful attempts at passing us we both stopped at a stoplight.  I could tell that the man was very mad and a thought went through my mind "I hope he doesn't have a gun".  As soon as that thought went through my mind, the man jumped out of the car, with a gun, and stood in front of our car pointing the gun at us and screaming.  He then proceeded to hit the hood of our brand new Speed-the-Light car with the butt of his gun.  After putting four holes in the hood of our car he jumped into his car and drove away.
Several years later, my husband DeLonn drove up in front of the Christian University where he teaches.  As he got out of his car, three armed gunmen surrounded the car and one pointed his gun to DeLonn's head and said, "Give us your car or I will shoot you!"  DeLonn then asked, "What do you need my car for?"  This did not make the gunman very happy and he proceeded to hit DeLonn in the chest.  DeLonn then started talking to the gunmen while he was taking his things out of the car.  He told them that they couldn't take this car, it was God's car, not his.  It was a Speed-the-Light car and they shouldn't take it.  Once again the gunman yelled, "Give me the keys to the car or I will kill you!"  Just as DeLonn was about to give the keys to the gunman, his partner looked up the street and screamed, "Let him go, Let him go, here comes the Military, Lets get out of here!."  DeLonn said, "Yea, let me go!" and put the keys back into his pocket.  The other two men looked up the street, put their guns into their belts and walked quickly away.  DeLonn then turned and walked up the street to find the military.  Not only did he not find any military on the street, there was no one on the street.  We believe that God sent his angels to protect DeLonn and our Speed-the-Light car.
A few weeks later DeLonn once again drove to the Christian University and parked our Speed-the-Light car next to a light pole.  An hour later there was a loud explosion that shook the University building.  Everyone ran out to the street and found that the guerrillas had placed a bomb on the pole next to our car.  It blew up the pole and our car.  The windows were blown in; the side looked like it had been hit by a bus.  DeLonn brushed the glass off the seat and drove the car home.  As I stood in the parking area of our apartment complex looking at our blown up car, I just thanked the Lord once again for his protection and for the young people of the Assemblies of God who had raised the money so that we could buy such a great vehicle.
We got the Speed-the-Light car fixed and it looks like it just drove off the show room floor. We are using it again for another four years.  It will be exciting to see what new adventures we will have in our "Timex"  Speed-the-Light car.
(A side note: This car is still being used in ministry today. It is the car for the CAMAD office. It does not look as nice as it used to but it is still tick’n!)